Gibson Christian Miller {a birth story}

Gibson’s Birth Story.


August 14, 2011.

“A Labor of Love”

August 12th 2011 Joe and I decided to take our midwife Melissa up on her very generous offer of allowing me to be induced for non-medical reason beings that I had such a difficult pregnancy with the hyperemesis.

That Friday Joe and I sat in the back yard in our blue  chairs with our two dogs, kitty and a beautiful light breeze and sunshine as we awaited our 8:30 check in and the arrival of our doula Addi. We sat and took the last of our belly photos and in those moments gave God the glory for getting us thru the last ten months of this journey and now here together at the end of our road the last moments he and I would share alone in our entire lifetime. I’ll never forget how precious my husband’s  face was and how soft his masculine features struck me in the soft sunlight but I knew we had the Lord on our side and that no matter what happened in the next few days we would be in the loving care of our Lord. I had incredible peace as we prayed one last time hugged and kissed one another and for the first time I saw the anxiousness of the situation hit Joe. He was ready, I was ready…and so was this little boy to come out and meet his momma and daddy. 

Addi showed up about that time and with her brought a hodgepodge of goodies/snacks/and drinks for Joe and I and her to have at the hospital and in truth she began to spoil us from that moment on with a generosity we can in truth never repay her for her kindness. She had given up a trip to be with us and left her own family for as long as needed and she too never left our side during the entire labor and delivery. We love our doula! Packed in the car with all our gear as if we were moving in THIS is what we had prepared for for the last ten months! THIS was our life in Vancouver the moment we got here and it was here we attended all the classes we could watched all the videos we could and spoke often to our friends who were also expecting in total we had five close friends all due around our due date and boy was that a hoot!

On our way to the hospital I still had the peace. My mind couldn’t comprehend what was going to happen. It was the first time I felt totally helpless and unaware of what my body would endure in the next several hours, days, moments. So, we picked up some subway sandwiches sat and ate them as we discussed our birth plan and my two wonderful coaches sat there confident in my ability to accomplish the hardest task I will ever perform in my life. Then we began to walk to the car when all of the sudden I felt a wave hit me. I stopped. Joe stopped. Addi stopped. I said “all of this sudden Im nervous.”  The task now ahead of me seemed more than gigantic but enormous in proportion to what I know and how I know I am. Truth is Im a wuss. I can’t tolerate a scratch and now..NOW! Im going to go give birth? Joe slowly put his arms around me as I glanced at the sky and looked into the clouds for some kind of answer. Lord in my heart I said. I know I can do this. Repeated my life verse from Romans 8:28 and put myself into the car a leg at a time. Gave Addi a thumbs up and grabbed the butterfingers from my purse. I wanted some chocolate and stat!

We began our walk across the sky bridge I carried our gobs of pillows, Joe pulled our huge suitcase, laptop, camera bag and the cooler. Addi was also in tow with her arms loaded as well. We were READY! Team Gibson Christian Miller reporting for duty I thought as we signed in at the nurses’ station. They gave us our room and sent us in. #437. Immediately I wanted to arrange and get ready but before you know it I was strapped in to the bed with the monitors on my belly and off we were.  No formal greetings just a great RN Liz to get our rearends in gear. I liked Liz the moment I met her. She was a no nonsense kinda gal and in the moments of sheer agony that inevitably followed us in the coming days she pulled her weight in “you WILL get thru this!” Yes sergeant I thought!!!!


I ended up then in the next few hours beginning the non stop birage of people who they don’t tell you in your classes come to check you BP and yada yada yada for what seems like every hour on the hour and its pretty annoying come the end of an “normal” ordeal but after what we were about to go thru our Team GCM had NO idea..ya, my pregnancy was the most difficult  and my three near death experiences left not only me and my family in a very trying state I was hoping for a happy ending but alas my happy ending or what I should call a wonderful birth experience did not happen for me.

The midwife I’d prepped for this moment was “off” that day in rotation and a completely difference MW delivered Gibson. Thanks Christine Weinmeister for the down right to business to get this child out tone.

So, the checking began and those stinking hurt because they were trying to induce me but Mr. Gibson was not ready. So the hours turned to days and LONG days at that. Addi spent countless hours with me in the tub and rubbing my back giving me ‘bits of food’ to keep me from eating the RN’s. Thanks Addi.

The last check is one that I’ll never forget. Basically the gist is that Joey had to finally put on a glove and get the speculum free as the nut  and bolt has stripped and the MW could not muster enough muscle to get it free she pleaded with Joey as I banged my head on the headboard in excruciating pain. (Now, ask yourself are you ready to have a baby?)

Joe got it and that story then started to circulate in the busy hospital whose labor & delivery floors were so busy other parts of the hospital were being turned into maternity wards to accommodate. From that moment on the 1in 1000 chance as per my MW of that happening (which it never had) happened to us and Joey was hero for it. People kept sayin’ are you the guy?….Big smile, yep, sure am.


And to Addis credit. There is not one single person I’d rather have had in that room other than you to encourage and love on us as we became parents. I will carry those memories with me all my days. I love you.  Cheers to you (no pun intended for two ole’ highschool cheerleaders’)

Now as the day two wore on and the contractions became a bit more intense we bounced on the big pink ball that I insisted I bring my own just as I too made my own delivery gown. Thanks to the wonderful stylings of my mother in law. Addi and I took plenty of strolls down the hospital hallways and I checked out the mommy’s beaming with their new bundles of Joy. I had now been awake for a long period of time and desired to sleep but just about that time my sister Tiffany and my Mom as well as my niece Faith and nephew Cody and Brother in Law Randy all showed up and had a ton of ?’s then we all sat and listened to the compilations of one Amanda Arnold-Crane. {thanks Amanda for the “labor of love”} cd’s to birth by.

Checks were accuring more frequently but the two induction methods were not working so the third was attempted and the ordeal just became that more intense. The hours moved at a snails pace the second day and I was growing quite impatient with the checks and monitors and then about 3:30 a.m on the 14th I finally lost my muscus plug.  Joey called Addi and she came right away. The contractions were really easy to take at first. I thought…I can handle this.  While I birthed in and out of the tub Addi was there forcing Joe to sleep because he’d need it and I was thinking, ummm…what about me? {raging hormones speaking}. Addi and I talked as I worked thru each contraction. I was progressing but not very fast. It wasn’t till about 2p.m at 6cm I finally asked to have the anesthesiologist come in and administer the epididurel. My goal was 5cm even in that I was proud of myself. I got the best guy on that day and felt like a million bucks after it was done. I fell asleep due to exhaustion and slept thru what Addi and Joey call the most painful contractions as they came across the monitor and if you know me I sleep hard so why would today be any different?

When I finally woke up all our families were there and the pain and really turned different somehow. I knew it was time to push but as my luck would have it Gibson was not ready so three hours later after a stern talking to by my midwife and sister I grabbed the birthing bar and gave one last very, VERY hard push. I  was regaining feeling on the right side and could feel how broad shouldered he was. I remember how I felt his hand and then his hip and legs then lastly his feet.  HE WAS OUT!!! {breath}  72 hours of labor. {breath}

Gibson was laid on my chest and I began to sob. He was so strong . The first moments were the most precious. He held up his head looked at me and then laid he head back down.  I’ll never forget when you first looked at me son.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I had barely escaped this pregnancy with my own life and then went thru the most traumatizing labor/delievery that I’d ever heard of.  Then at the end of it all there was our son.

Perfect.  10 fingers 10 toes and so healthy.

Gibson was born at 7:48p.m.  August 14, 2011 he weighed 9lbs 7 oz and was 21.5” long.  

Today, Gibson you are now One and here is what I know a year later.

One: When you have a wife of your own and are expecting a child remember to be exceptionally nice to her. You have really big head kiddo.

Two: Don’t trust a midwife who says you’ll have a 7-8 pd child. Psssshh whattya they know anyway?

Three: Elephant stuffed animals make excellent bottle props.

Four: Get up early and watch the sunrise in the morning as you hold that brand new baby in your arms. There will be plenty of 4am wake up calls cherish these ones.

Five:  hum along to all the beautiful nursery rhymes. I really loved the Pandora baby station.

Six: BABY EINSTEIN replayed about 5x’s a day….for the last year will make you one proficient musician who appreciates Mozart and Beethoven.

Seven: Not all babies like to be swaddled. I think you thought it was for suckers.

Eight: Enjoy those lil’ noises that your baby will make those go so fast.

Nine: Don’t be afraid to try clothe diapers. They are surprisingly easy.

Ten:  Love the Lord with all your heart.Image

I love you so very much Gibson. Happy Birthday Son.






Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial


Hi ladies!

Her e is a very simple tutorial on how to produce a coffee filter wreath that was a big hit for my mom on her birthday *HI MOM*.

This would also be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

I think that the easy below photo will lead you thru each step.

Supplies we need:

All from the dollar store btwJ minus the flower and button.

Coffee filter pack

Hot glue/gun.



Food coloring

Step One:

Wrap wreath in ribbon and glue the end to the wreath (use a lot)

Soak all the coffee filters in a pot with the choice of color in a large pot.

Lay them to dry in front of a heater. I used my fireplace hearth.

Rotate until dry.

Take a sharpie when dry and one by one add wrap filter around sharpie creating flower shape put glue on bottom and glue to the wreath.

Repeat this until no parts of the ribbon are showing thru. I used over 200 filters. This process took approximately two hours post dried coffee filters.

To spruce this up I added a flower out of piece of fabric and hot glued a button on it and then hot glued it on the wreath.


Beautiful & Stunning Wreath. Enjoy Love, Chey

“50 ways to Inspire your Husband”

I came across this lil’ something special on pintrest a few days back and cannot tell you how many times I’ve read it yesterday and the day before that and now even today.

The women who wrote this in my opinion has a few things figured out on your hubby so I wanted to take the time on this ole lil’ blog to share it because we ALL know our men do such an honorable thing and provide for our families but they too need some lovin’ now and again. So, here ya go ladies let’s show our guys how much they really mean to us.

Click Here for the link to 50 ways to inspire your husband.


Leaving 29

Leaving 29

Dust the book off and turn the page. Its crisp & fresh.

Learn to love yourself & seek the true lover of your life from who you came and to whom you will return.

Be glad for the future looks incredibly bright even if gravity has you a little weighed down. Smile

I believe I’ve learned.

I believe I’ve made better choices. I believe I’m free.

30 feels so carefree, refreshing, strong, confident, grown, beautiful, radiant, trustworthy, truthful. Grounded.

I believe I’m a good wife, mommy, daughter, sister and friend.

30 looks bright with Jesus the delight of my soul & my heart.

I believe I love Joey & Gibson and I love how they will see this girl turn a beautiful 30!

Love, Cheyla

Organic Homemade Baby Food

I’ve got a lot of friends with babies right now. It’s where I am in life & I love it! It’s exciting, exhausting and exhilarating as I see Gibson grow and learn.  So today on my blog I’ve got a great step by step picture tutorial on how to prepare your own Organic baby food for those with picky habits or allergies or just because you’re SUPER MOMMA are willing to try new things for the sake of your beautiful baby. Because no baby is as cute as YOUR baby, right? & YOUR baby deserves the very best!

The goods:

  • Food processor
  • Spatula
  • Cutting board/knife
  • Medium sauce pan
  • Ice trays (for freezing if extra)
  •  6 empty baby food jars
  • 1 large Organic sweet potatoes (which I chose for Gibson’s first food)

Simply peel the Organic sweet potato and then cut the Organic sweet potato into small chunks.

Then you will need to place the chunks into a medium sauce pan that the water has been brought to a boil on high heat.

You will need to let the Organic sweet potato soften. This took me about 10 minutes.

Strain the soft potato and then put in into the food processor. IF your child is just beginning like Gibson you will need to add ¼ to ½ cup of water to bring the potato to a consistency of applesauce.


Pour into your baby jars that have been cleaned and sterilized similar to the process in canning.

Be sure to date your jars to keep them as fresh as possible.

If you have left over you can pour it into an ice tray and freeze it. *simple*

That’s it! Have fun Momma’s.


*Joey’s mom Janet purchased the Baby Bullet for me for Christmas it came with absolutely everything mentioned above. The jars even have self dates on them. You can purchase the baby bullet here.*

Please post any photos of your baby food here on the blog…I’d love to see them.


i love clothe diapers

Did you know that the average household will spend over $ 2,000  on disposable diapers from birth to potty trained.

You may be expecting or like me just had a baby and the thought of clothe diapers might really overwhelm you but what I’m hoping to highlight here is your ability and the know how to integrate clothe diapers into your everyday life. Thanks to my dear friend and neighbor Shantel (who introduced us to our system) & her precious Emily we are now a very happy clothe diaper family, even my husband.

We do all our shopping at OR if you’re in the Vancouver area you can come into their very preggo friendly shop and enjoy some very stylish comfy recliners.

There are many types of clothe diapering systems but the two I’d like to introduce you too are the Econobum by Bum Genius & Flip Systems.

Joey’s brother Daniel gifted us our first sets of the Flip System complete with two covers and 2 prefolds. When starting out I recommend having enough diapers for at least two days.( 14 diapers/7 covers)  I do a load of prefolds, and covers each day because i love doing laundry. I also recommend buying two covered trash cans one for trash and one for prefolds and covers unless your like Shantel and sewed her very own wipes to use, thus going “green”.

Joey wasnt to keen on the wipes part but took to the diapering system very quickly. In fact all the young parents at our church which makes up 70% of our congregation (we go to a very small community church) use clothe diapering systems.  In fact, we all do. That makes having a community of “users” a lot more fun to share and learn from.

Cotton Babies offers two different prefolds the indian prefold and the chinese prefold both sell for about 2 bucks a piece. *very reasonable* the flip covers are$14 but if you catch them at the right time they have promo’s often where you can get multiple covers and inserts in order to get started or just add to your already growing collection.

The clothe diapers have their very own pre-use routine which includes laundering them six times (instructions come with your purchase) and how to deal with staining. Simply place in the sun for a few hours and those stains come right out ~ viola.

You can learn more about Econobum by Bum Genius at Clothe Diapers!  Joey and I just visited CB’s a few weeks ago and came across using hemp inserts folded into our prefold at night which wicks away moisture from baby and keeps them more comfortable such as how a disposable would work. This cover comes complete with an indian prefold for the great price of 9.95$ 

If you’re a traveling family like we are and make a lot of out-of-town trips to see family you can also find a package of disposable inserts for $4.95 since it may be awkward for you to wash dirty diapers in someone else’s machines. Keeping your little one on their normal routine and babies LOVE their routines

The Flip system just released their flip system potty pants which resemble the flip and since Gibson is already on his routine we  fully intend on using this system as our next step in potty training. You can also go online and check out the Cotton Babies schedule for classes that help with beginning clothe diapers/potty training/ and even breastfeeding classes.

So, are you a clothe diaper baby?

We love Cotton babies, and Gibsons Flip System you can find here.

What about when they start solid poopsies?

The sprayer. The sprayer which hooks directly to your toilet as the child ages and waste becomes more solid as well as the waterproof bag to tote all your used prefold/covers in your diaper bag. Both you can find at Cotton Babies.

For Dads: Joey just recently spoke with our cousin Desi and her husband Lee about intergrating their son Easton to clothe diapers after she saw how easy it was diapering Gibson.  Easton has to use organic, scent free diapers due to skin allergies which might I add are very expensive. Lee asked Joe how difficult is was to get started on the system and if he even liked it.  Joe replied “it’s so easy, once you learn how to do it, it’s just becomes what you do.”

Below is a link I watched during our pregnancy to understand how the clothe system worked. You can find this link here.

If you have questions I’d love to answer them.

Happy Clothe Diapering!